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Generation Grit: Despite his own constant pain, he helps others overcome theirs


New programme launched to equip religious leaders with suicide prevention skills

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$250k fund launched for young Singaporeans to start social initiatives




Mr Delane Lim has been instrumental in assisting the school’s Student Leadership Development Team to design suitable and engaging programmes to develop the student leaders. Inputs provided by him have served the school well and contributed to the overall development for the students.


As the Chief Trainer for the inaugural Team Singapore Camp, Delane provided a high level of professional services in the way the Camp Programme was conceptualised, designed and delivered to our Team Singapore athletes. He demonstrated a heightened sense of openness, sensibility and creativity.

The RICE Company

Delane  Lim has a wealth of experience in managing large audience events. He provided good insights and advice that greatly helped us in the overall planning and management of audience control for speediness and safety at Sing50. Delane has an outstanding leadership trait that enabled him and his team to recruit and lead some 300 volunteers...

National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

I like how the  trainer linked the activities back to how we may face challenges in our work...but sometimes success can be achieved if we just look at things frm different lens. Everyone has diff skillsets + views (aka the drawings) that can contribute to the team's success ~ Jd

National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

Awesome! At least it’s interactive and no opportunity for people to open laptop. Illustrates a lot of the concepts/issues we face as the sandwich class. I haven’t enjoyed myself at such work events for a long time. ~ BL

National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

The building blocks collaboration was very interesting and fun as it was a different experience. They scrabble helped us know all the super competitive colleagues around us. Post session, it was nice to sit with colleagues  at the cafe without any agenda and just chat together. ~ MM

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