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Providing Support

"Not here to please everyone but to serve in the best of my ability

& to protect causes I believe in."

How Delane and His Team Can Help

To journey with you on meaningful business ventures and community engagement projects, whether as an resource consultant / advisor or as a funder / donor... we help you to see your dreams / passion come true, as long as they are aligned with his heartbeat. So if you are here to change the world, count him in!

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Organised by Character & Leadership Academy (CLA) and CROWD, a marketing and communications solutions company, the nationwide social campaign aims to remind people that it does not take much to be kind: kindness can be shown through simple gestures in our daily lives.


Young people in Singapore who wish to champion causes such as mental health, suicide prevention or environmental sustainability can now tap a $250,000 grant to fund their initiatives. The grant, which will give each approved project between $1,000 and $3,000, was announced at the annual Global Youth Leaders' Summit on Saturday (July 17).


Young people facing mental health issues here will receive more support to address their psychological well-being with the launch of a new fund on July 18 2020. Aside from programmes that tackle mental health issues among young people, a portion of the fund will go to supporting research, public awareness initiatives as well as intervention and educational programmes.

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